Move like the wind

Legends tell of a legendary warrior whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legends! He is the master of his ancient craft but his story is not yet over. There is always something more to learn, even for a master! Shinobi Doge is now on a journey to find legendary wealth! Join him in his quest for ultimate gains!

Token Stats

All info you want to know!

ShinobiDoge has a total supply of 100 Billion tokens. There’s a max wallet of 1,5 billion tokens per wallet. When buying be sure to set the slippage at 15% for selling we recommend 18% slippage.This token also features 10% $DOGE redistribution that is automatically redistributed after 60minutes. More info down below. 

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5% Marketing

This will be used to cover launch and promotional costs. We also take a cut to pay our dev team as alot of time and energy is spend to create and manage this token.

10% $DOGE Reflection

10% of the tax fees are reflected to our holders in $DOGE. This auto distibutes every 60 minutes. Or you can sell 1 token to get instant rewards.

Anti-Whale Mechanics

Whales of crypto are ill reputed to dump their holding and thereby dictating the price of the token. With the 1.5% max holdings, everyone gets a chance to be the whale. 

1.5% = 1.500.000.000$SD

Automated $Doge Redistribution every 60mins

This token features a 10% automated $Doge redistribution feature. This means just by holding SHINOBIDOGE you will get $Doge every 60 minutes. So no need to dump your bag to reap the benefits of SHINOBIDOGE. 

10% $Doge (dogecoin) Redistribution

right click and press save as to download

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Our journey ahead

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Artwork Design

Website Building

Telegram Community Building

Contract Release

Building Twitter Presence

Reddit Promotion

Listing applications send to multiple platforms

The Future Is Up To You!

We won’t promise you mountains of gold by just chilling back. We need all of you to get this token out there! Tell your friends and fellow investors about this token. And join on this journey together with the other holders as we plan ahead on the road of SHINOBIDOGE.

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Come and hang out in our Telegram for all the latest news and updates. Our team likes to chill with our holders and all newcomers are welcome. Be a decent person however, we don’t appreciate random trolls or unfunded FUD. Legit questions are greatly appreciated though.